Who am I?

Designer and photographer. Curious constantly. Wanderer.

I will be using this part of my site to share some of the things I’ve learned about Iceland and being a responsible visitor… and to explore the use of WordPress. How efficient!

I have spent a total of about 22 weeks in Iceland over four visits (including two summers). I’ve CouchSurfed, used AirBnB, a couple hotels, and lived in small towns as an artist in residence. I’ve also twice traveled with a group of college students and other faculty. I’ve taken public and private buses, used Stræto regularly in and outside Reykjavík, used ferries with and without a car, rented my own vehicle, gone horseback riding a few times, hiked a glacier ascent, swam in at least 10 public pools, and more.

I’m a low key person, a thinker and a questioner. I’m into art, design, water, quiet, sublime landscape, and meaningful moments. I’m not into food, drinking, clubbing, or not getting the most out of my limited budget and time. While fit, I do have some mild physical limitations.