my first catalog of my synesthesia
recording my mind's eye

Synesthetic Library (2009-2010)

This piece helped me establish, explain, and communicate my mission during the beginning of my MFA studies. It is a Flash-based interactive collection of my visual synesthetic reactions to ordinary sounds. These are "crisp" designerly interpretations of the visuals I consistently and automatically experience deep in my mind's eye as an associator synesthete. (Those who experience their visuals in their normal visual field are called projectors.)

Looking back now, more than a decade into making digital artwork about my synesthetic experience, I see some I'd like to modify, but the roots of authenticity are still there in spite of the very, very early stage of learning to portray them for viewers.

Below the still image, you will find a screen capture video I created of this piece to give you an idea of its feel. Due to its age, the Flash platform and interactive coding are no longer supported by web browsers.

Installation view, photo credit Shasti O'Leary Soudant
Firman Synesthetic Library