Web Design
responsive design for screens

Personal Website (2019-present)

Good news, you're already here! I coded this entire site from scratch in Dreamweaver using the Bootstrap Web Framework. A friend gave me an assist on the survey php page code.

Wesbite Homepage - Mobile

WordPress - Blog (2018-2019)

I created this site as a learning experience, but have used it to give advice to friends and friends-of-friends as they come to be for Icelandic travel advice.

I also write custom CSS and help/have helped manage a handful of small business/non-profit organization sites, but don't share them here as the difficult templates do not entirely represent my taste or talent in design, or I did not have the majority say in the design choices made.

Iceland WordPress Blog - Mobile

WordPress - Small Business Site (2024)

I created this site for an acquaintance's growing ambulatory veterinary practice. Originally just serving cats, business quickly expanded to other species.

The client's general aesthetic desires for line art in the logo and a specific color scheme were carried over to a WordPress theme through settings, custom CSS, and minor edits to the theme code. Contact and intake forms were customized along with an email account and basic web hosting setup.

House and Farm Calls mobile website

WordPress - Volunteer-Run Professional Development Organization (2024)

I created this site as a new volunteer-co-leader of my city's Adobe User Group. While the software company provides a couple nice raffle prizes, group leaders plan events, pursue partnerships, arrange speakers or provide the education session themselves, and do all promotion.

As an organization for graphic designers and closely-related professionals, students, and hobbyists, a simple and straightfoward but memorable design was needed. The brand design includes a reference to the Adobe logo in the A, along with visual references to the two pixels along with the overlapping box icon, which is used as a symbol in many variations of shading to represent many ways to bring together different vector objects (vectors being the other type of graphics besides pixel-based), just as this group brings together Adobe users.

This site is hosted on a shared hosting account that I manage, and I have also begun simple email marketing for MAUG using the Brevo platform.

Madison Adobe User Group website

Creative Coding: Colossal Style Guide (2023)

In my advanced web design, the next-to-last project tasks students with designing a style guide for a website in InDesign and coding about 3/4 of it. This project is designed to make them think about what the coding challenges and/or limitations will be on different screen sizes and with what they are learning about coding from scratch using Dreamweaver and Bootstrap. There's always someone who produces an absolutely gorgeous design that is a total bear to code. I took this one by Hannah and coded it out for a future example to prove that Bootstrap doesn't have to look like Bootstrap.

Open the full code in a new window on a computer and change the width of the window to see it reformat at different sizes.

Colossal Style Guide - Mobile