capturing and editing

Video Projects

Video has been one of the more recent additions to my skill set. As such, most of my experience after self-learning and a workshop in Chicago has been in guiding and assisting students through the various processes, as well as churning out dozens of demonstration videos (screen capture and voiceover) during the pandemic.

Short Film Closing Credits - Draft (Freelance, 2023)

This upcoming short film is about the automatic, consistent visualization of pain in the body as 3D forms in the mind's eye (a form of synesthesia, which you can read about elsewhere on my site). I was given a script, images of the small sculptures, set fonts, aspect ratio/dimensions, and some rough still mockups with an early draft of the film as art direction (music will be added by the video editor in the final piece). Images were cleaned up in Photoshop and animated along with all other pieces in Premiere Pro. This was a blast, and I can't wait for the final edits and release!

Product Promo Video (Freelance, 2019)

I designed both logos (following the clear direction of the client) and shot all footage with a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera (GoPro with the assistance of a child, who had a blast and was not harmed during filming). Client chose soundtrack.

Student Work (RH): Stop-Motion (2018)

Student Work (CJ): Video with Voiceover (2017)