Verona Area Concert Band
design for music

Concert Posters and Social Media Graphics (2015-2023)

I've been in an instrumental music ensemble with few gaps since 1994. Concert bands from elementary school through college, jazz bands in high school and college, marching band from 8th to 12th grades, a symphony orchestra while in grad school, the historic Repasz Band in Williamsport, PA, and the fabulous Verona Area Concert Band near Madison, WI.

A couple years after joining the VACB's euphonium section, I volunteered to do their graphic design. The board has appreciated the upscale look, and I've loved the challenge of a constant stream of creative program themes that I get to interpret. For each concert (four per year, usually), I created a letter-size poster, the cover for the concert program, a Facebook cover image, an Instagram graphic, digital and print album covers, and more recently a slide formatted for a 1080p HD television screen/monitor.

In 2016 I rebranded the organization with a color-agnostic circular logo composed of a combination of musical notation that spells out "VACB", as well as creating a consistent page framing for materials and establishing simple font family for those areas (Source Sans from Google Fonts). Below you'll see a few examples where consistency was kept, but the page frame altered for specific concepts. Note the old logo on the first poster.

Logo Redesign and Selected Posters

Entire Concert Graphics Set (2020)