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Visual Identity Collection

Below is a non-exhaustive collection of logos and branding that are not featured on their own elsewhere (such as my work for the VACB).

Madison Adobe User Group (2024)

Having been a member and presenter for this local, volunteer-run professional development organization for several years, I've recently agreed to help lead and regain some interactivity lost during the early pandemic years. I've also hosted and designed a WordPress website and begun email marketing campaigns. In this design, I referenced pixels and the overlapping square icon which is used to represent various ways of combining vector shapes in Adobe software. This integrates both the two types of graphics files (pixel and vector) as well as the Adobe creative software focus into the brand for this welcoming group that is a combination of pros, students, instructors, and enthusiasts.

Madison Adobe User Group logo

Savoy Furniture Feature Logo Set (2024)

This client's savvy marketing team requested a custom set of logos to describe special features in their contract furniture business to enhance the look of their brand. I'm looking forward to using these in some upcoming layout work later this year!

Savoy Furniture Quick Ship Feature Logo
Savoy Furniture Woman-Owned Small Business Feature Logo
Savoy Furniture Made in USA Feature Logo

House and Farm Calls (2023)

This logo is the result of working with a veterinary client with a keen eye for visual design. The client's "House Calls for Cats" business quickly grew to include more species, prompting a recent update to represent both pets and hobby farm animals. This logo is being used on business cards, clinic forms, and a website that I designed with WordPress.

House and Farm Calls logo

First Night Hallam/Hellam Branding (2013)

My hometown holds a family-friendly New Year's Eve celebration each year, where local community groups create craft, food, and entertainment options before a replica of a local landmark is lowered at midnight. The Haines Shoe House sits not far from town, and has had a few purposes over the years, sitting by the highway and making visitors double-take, like any good quality American roadside attraction. The two place names include the town (Hallam) and the township (Hellam). It has been used in various mediums by the organizing committee.

First Night Hallam/Hellam Logo

Furniture Line Branding (2012)

As part of my freelance work for this division of Brodart, I created logos for lines of furniture featured in PDF and offset printed brochures.

Fun Time Bounces and Fun Play Inflatables (2017, 2019)

As part of my freelance work for the owner of these businesses, I produced logos based on their rough sketches/ideas and prepared them to work in a variety of formats from web to screen print.

PA Route 80 Anti-Tolling Logo (2007)

Created as an employee of Impact Advertising, this was used by the manufactured housing and other truck-dependent industries in northern Pennsylvania in their campaign to stop the implementation of tolls on Route 80 in the commonwealth.