Edgewood College
design for academia

Edgewood College Design Programs Flyer (2019)

This piece was made to stand out from the conservative, somewhat drab marketing pieces typically produced by the College at the time. I also produced one for each program, as well as versions that folded in half. This assortment allowed for flexible sizing to fit Admissions folders, different display areas, and use by other staff and faculty. It was designed to be printed as-needed on laser printers. The use of the College logo still follows brand guidelines.

Institutional Partnership Pathway Planner (2019)

I devised and pursued this partnership between the private four-year college where I was faculty and the local technical college. In managing this project, I worked with faculty and staff at both institutions, evaluated course equivalences, and produced this planner to guide students through the potential and the process.

The gradient on the cover moves from the blue of the technical college branding to the red of the four-year college, representing the student's journey of two years at each institution.

See the entire PDF here (note, this is under review for content updates).

Research Presentation Invitation (2020)

I created an invitation to be shared electronically among the institution (and viewed on desktop computers) for the presentation of my sabbatical project. This one-hour lecture covered the travel, research, and motion graphics works that I produced about the similarities between the Northern Lights and my experience of synesthesia.

Of course, as with many events scheduled for March 2020, the event was rescheduled to April 2021 and held through video conferencing, with excellent attendance and questions.

The photograph and writing are also my own.