that which cannot be said with words
seeking the ephemeral aesthetic

That Which Cannot Be Said With Words (2010-present)

This is a series of digital photographs that demonstrate the vibrance, delicacy, flow, and form constants of synesthetic photisms. The form constants are the result of research by Heinrich Klüver that compared the subjective visual experiences of synesthesia, hallucination, physical and psychological stress, and other strong triggers. They are still being used to investigate if there are any commonalities among the very unique experiences of synesthetes. (Published in 1926, pictured below, my illustration.)

Kluver Form Constants

In this series, I chose the photographs that most resembled some of my personal photisms, then found them striking many chords with the form constants. Klüver's research gives synesthetes a valuable reference, as trying to share our exact visual experiences with verbal or written language is often impossible and frustrating.

Visually, these photographs are the closest I've come to showing the aesthetic of synesthesia for me. Motion is evident, nothing is extremely sharp, shapes aren't opaque. This differs for everyone, but I've had many responses from other synesthetes supporting the feel of these photographs.

Below is a selection of images from the entire on-going series.