Most of my new work (beginning with my MFA thesis study) is based on my experiences and reading about synesthesia. It is the consistent, involuntary combining of sensory modalities which occurs in the mind's eye. It is not a disease, a hindrance, or problem; it is a fantastic phenomenon! It is difficult to determine the percentage of the population that is synesthetic, and it is thought that we are all born with these sense crossings but unlearn them as we are taught the difference between sight, sound, etc.

Synesthesia takes many forms and is entirely unique to each individual. Some have colored alphabets, where, for example, the letter A is as much green as it is the letter A. The same can take place with numbers, days of the week, musical tones, and more. The study and interest in synesthesia (both in metaphoric and authentic forms) has seen an increase in the last decade, including an open dialog of neurologists, psychologists, writers, artists and more. Check my CV for an up-to-date list of my travels and presentations in North America and Europe!

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