graphic design
multimedia adaptability

Design for the physical and the digital

The works on this page show the more traditional graphic design work that I create. I have experience in-house and in an agency, and during my faculty years, continued to create a variety of materials for internal and external use. I am currently open to new freelance projects or contracts. Drop me an email for more information and to see if we are a match!

As a designer, I am an excellent researcher, knowing my content well in order to make visual and functional decisions to support the needs of the project and to create or uphold a flexible, meaningful visual identity. I listen closely, ask good questions, and continue to have attention to detail throughout the process. I'm efficient, a quick learner, a clear communicator, handle multiple projects with ease, and excel in both technical and expressive challenges.

I have experience in print (newspaper, offset and digital press jobs, outdoor, vehicle vinyl, large format, books, swag, and all sorts of collateral), web (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, WordPress, UX), and digital (documents and images for screen, shooting and editing still images and video, and motion graphics).