Belfast in My Colours

A Synaesthetic Exploration of My Temporary Home

Belfast in My Colours: A Synaesthetic Exploration of My Temporary Home by Carrie C Firman

This project explores my synaesthetic connections between colours and personalities. During two months living in Belfast, as the international artist in residence at Digital Arts Studios, I collected symbols of the surrounding atmosphere, attitude, and history that stood out most. When drawing each of these things, I applied the colouring that most suited each item's reputation, history, and character by matching the personalities that I synaesthetically perceive when describing different hues. For the traditional instruments, I drew upon my synaesthetic perception of colour when hearing sound.

As a compilation, I wish this to be a small example of the ways mental imagery and perception, while experienced by all, are very different for each one of us. It is these differences that makes each of us our own. This book is a bit of me.

Now available as a published book! You can preview it here on my site (computer with Flash required), or view it on (works on all devices).